About Ralph

From Minnesota, For Minnesota, and D.C.-free

Minnesota’s practical citizen-farmer, Ralph Kaehler, is running for Congress to build a better Minnesota.

Born and raised in St. Charles, Ralph will make sure common-sense Minnesotan values are heard in Washington to fight for:

  • Accessible and affordable health care for all Minnesotans
  • The mitigation of climate change through viable, practical, scalable methods
  • Assuring healthy, vibrant rural economies and job and growth opportunities

Ralph understands that the best way to get results for the people in the 1st Congressional District is to work like we do on the farm — “just get the job done.” This means working with everyone, Republicans, Democrats and Independents, to find common ground and make measurable, effective change.

His calculated, even-handed approach ensures that people talk to each other, not at each other, and that they work with each other — instead of against each other. As a lifetime resident, farmer and businessman of Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District, Ralph is uniquely qualified. He understands the district’s issues and concerns, as well as its enormous potential.

He knows Minnesota, because he’s lived and worked in Minnesota his whole life.

A Family Farmer and Solar Developer

Ralph is the fourth generation on his family’s 138-year-old farm in St. Charles. His youngest son, Seth — the fifth generation — manages the farm to continue for generation six. With one foot in Minnesota’s history, Ralph has one foot firmly placed in the future of Minnesota. His eldest son, Cliff, is the CEO of the family’s solar development business. Novel Energy Solutions, LLC, is one of the fastest-growing solar companies in the state.

A Trade Leader

Ralph is a leader in promoting trade as a mechanism to peace and prosperity, both domestically and abroad. He helped open trade with Cuba in 2002 for human and animal food. He promoted Minnesota, serving as an international trade representative on trade missions led by Independent Governor Jesse Ventura and Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty. More recently, he testified at the request of Democratic U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar before the U.S. Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee on the importance of expanding produce and farm-equipment exports to Cuba. Ralph has advised on improving farm trade and rural life in former Soviet states and in Southeast Asia. Ralph and his wife Mena are members of the Minnesota Agriculture and Rural Leadership Program (MARL).

Affordable Health Care

A key issue for Ralph is making sure all Minnesotans have access to affordable, accessible, high-quality health care. Many families need assistance to ensure medical issues will not jeopardize their family’s financial security and future. The lack of health care security is a major cause of bankruptcy and homelessness, and is a source of great stress to senior citizens with limited incomes.

Ralph’s family knows the value of the key protections of the Affordable Care Act. His off-farm job was eliminated when his wife’s cancer was discovered. Under the old system, the Kaehlers would have been without insurance due to the insurance caps and preexisting conditions limitations. They were fortunate to be able to purchase insurance to cover Mena’s treatment and healthcare (she is now cancer free) without putting their family farm at risk.

As a provider of insurance to employees, Ralph also understands the impact of escalating employee health care costs on business owners. While it is a significant investment and stress upon a start-up company, the Kaehlers believed offering quality health care benefits to Novel Energy employees was important, even though the company was not required to do so by law.

Bottom Line

Ralph Kaehler is from Minnesota and for Minnesota.  He is committed to the people of the 1st Congressional District.  He will put politics aside to fight for Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and Minnesota values in Washington.

To learn more about Ralph and his family’s efforts through the years, check these online resources:

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